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Complete Vocalospace album crossfade. Posting it for the last Bad End Night chapter (EveR ∞ LastinG ∞ NighT)



Bad End Night Series Final Chapter confirmed!!!


Will be out in this year Vocalospace album. The release is 9/3.

Title confirmed!: EveR ∞ LastinG ∞ NighT

Vocalospace Website


teamOS C86 無料配布 | 鈴ノ助 [pixiv] 

At the C86, the team OS also distributed 1 cartoon page from the songs featured in the fragment2 artbook.

But they won´t continue.

(I dont understand Japanese, so, anyone feel free to translate)

Pokadodge crossfade



Source: Twitpic

Source: Twitpic

What songs do you MOST want PVs/novels for?

(oh wow, very old tag thing haha)

Well, for PV I reaally want Aka to Shiro to Kuro no keifu (from the if the world album)

And for novel Karakuri burst (like seriously ;;)

Can I buy the Fragment2 artbook on amazon or is it only available at the links you gave us?

Since Suzunosuke only had posted it in Toranoana so, yeah, only the links I posted too. 

[PROMOTION] team OS goods


Since in their twitters they promote what stuff they are selling, I wanted to share it with you guys too ^^ (sorry for bad english)

(ATTENTION!!: Some goods will be sold out soon, so, hurry or wait until it will be re-stock again!!)



-Kindan Vampire: Doujinshi


-If the World: Doujin album 

-Colorful 3: Artbook

-EVER DREAM: Doujin album

-Twilight nighT: Mug set

-Polkadodge: Doujin album

-fragment2: Artbook


A website that I found about international shipping is this: Otaku Republic

Been seeing pics of fragment 2 teasers :0 so does this means a Fragment artbook exists? Also do you have a list of Suzunosuke's published works? I'm collecting them :3 thanks!!


Yup! There was the first fragment artbook, but it was released long time ago, so Suzu isn´t printing more of them anymore. I got the first book, and its about how she used her illustrations for the planning on the PVs, so it will be in the second artbook with the songs that are featured there (the cover said it all ^^)

You can see her works in Toranoana, and in case for already used ones,  Otaku Republic (also in Amazon but I don´t know how to get a link to her all works)

And I will be reblogging and updating the all team OS promotion, now I am just waiting the artbook too so I can update it ^^

Oh, and also in

Thanks tart64